Fresh  & Organic

MBH Gıda was founded in 2006 by professionals who have worked in the food industry for years. Mbh Gıda has determined to produce the best quality dairy products as its main field of work. Mbh Gıda has been continuing to bring together the most popular cheeses of the whole Middle East and the tastes that won the admiration of everyone through the national chain markets in Turkey since 2006, with the Aklena Brand that it created.

Mbh Gıda has always determined its sales strategy as “offering the best product at the most affordable price” since its establishment. For this, we follow the technology and developments in the field of industry in order to meet customer demands at the highest level, and we carry out and support "CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT" studies to implement these developments within our company.


Our Quality Policy

As Mbh Gıda, we never compromise on hygiene, quality and responsibilities at every stage of production. This policy is our most basic principle. We are constantly working to develop and produce products in standard and hygienic conditions that consumers constantly prefer and trust when buying and consuming. We ensure that our producers and suppliers who provide goods and services develop themselves and adopt a total quality awareness in line with MBH's "CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT" policy and objectives.


%100 Safe

We can follow every step with our advanced technology. In this way, we provide you with physically, chemically and microbiologically clean and safe foods that have not lost their nutritional value.


Traditional Production

We offer milk and dairy products suitable for traditional taste, keeping away from sweeteners and additives, together with the values you know and your taste, which is the habit of years.


%100 Natural

We offer you the most natural dairy products, from production to consumption, by choosing reliable and natural raw materials, produced without the use of any additives, with an inspection mechanism.


Healthy Products

Milk and dairy products are the cornerstones of a healthy diet. We offer you healthy products that do not spoil their naturalness with laboratory controls and inspections carried out at every stage.

Traditional Tastes

Aklena products reach your tables with natural, additive-free and traditional methods. All of Aklena's products add flavor to breakfasts, desserts, cookies, pastries and pastries with their structure and unique taste. It is also ideal for adding a different flavor and consistency to appetizers, snacks, soups, salads, pasta and meat sauces.

All of our products are produced at world standards and completely untouched.

Sustainable Production

Although the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to sustainability is the protection of the environment, the concept of sustainability is a holistic approach that includes ecological, economic and social dimensions. Undoubtedly, sustainable production is the whole of the standards that must be complied with for every manufacturing company as of the current period. In order to ensure sustainability, concepts with ecological, economic and social dimensions must be managed in a balanced way. When all these components work in harmony, the potential to meet human wants and needs now and in the future increases, and with it, sustainable development is achieved.

As MBH Gıda, we know that; The resources of this world are not infinite. Our only goal is to ensure that people eat well and healthy and live well. Our goal with this mission is to leave a more livable world to the next generations.